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How Much Will CMMC Certification Cost?

CMMC assessment costs will vary with a range of factors, including:

  • The CMMC level specified in the contract(s) you want to pursue
  • The maturity of your current IT and cybersecurity infrastructure in relation to your desired CMMC level
  • The size and complexity of your organization (number of locations, etc.)
  • The volume and scope of the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) you handle (how many people handle CUI, how much CUI you exchange with other Defense Industrial Base (DIB) companies or government agencies, how many databases store CUI, etc.)
  • Any consulting costs and other hiring/outsourcing costs associated with preparing for the CMMC assessment
  • Expenses to meet specific CMMC requirements; e.g., the costs to make your email and file sharing systems CMMC compliant or move to “government cloud” versions
  • The cost of engaging a Certified Assessor, which will be driven largely by market forces
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S3 ARMSEC is here to help. Based on a free introductory consultation we can provide a time estimate for the gap assessment. The results of the gap assessment would then reveal any additional purchases that may be required to become compliant. We can assist in sourcing those purchases for you as well as provide the labor for implementation.

We offer hourly blocks of time to perform the gap assessment and any other subsequent needs.

Hourly blocks of time:


Pre-Paid Block of 5 Hours for IT Cybersecurity Consulting



Pre-Paid Block of 10 Hours for IT Cybersecurity Consulting



Pre-Paid Block of 25 Hours for IT Cybersecurity Consulting



Pre-Paid Block of 50 Hours for IT Cybersecurity Consulting


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